Seductive Rituals

For our project we were inspired by the attire worn by the Meso-Americans during their rituals and ceremonies. We also decided to combine and pull inspiration from our Art 384 project. We looked at how lingerie is a direct connection to how we ritualize our “ceremonies.” The Meso-American’s attire was used to emphasis the body in their rituals, just as lingerie does for ours. Given that we were to use poly strapping, electrical tape and other unconventional items we went for more of an intense industrial, dominatrix look. We added mesh screening, grommets, staples, and quick links to finish the garment. 20140519-090606-32766009.jpg20140519-090604-32764255.jpg 20140519-090603-32763458.jpg 20140519-090605-32765124.jpg









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