Final Project

For my final project I wanted to create an urban wearable. I wanted it to be functional and utilitarian. I’ve named it the Urban Cowl, because it is just that. The cowl is made of reclaimed hand dyed silk. I spun multiple two-ply ropes and connected them all together to create one large rope. From there I began making the cowl by connecting them by knotting the loose ties in the rope. It made a very loose, almost netted cylinder. The cowl is very versatile. It can be worn as a hood to protect the head and upper body from the elements as well as provide heat. It can also be worn across the body. The cowl’s loose ties can be used to hold supplies and other items leaving the hands free and by distributing the weight of the items it leaves less of an opportunity to become fatigued easily. If need be the cowl can up untied and used as a rope; from there each individual rope can also be untied.




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