Hunger Games

In the watching the Hunger Games, I payed attention to how the costumes and textiles were used to express individual characters. Trish Sommerville was very distinct in showing character dimensions through the costuming. The games costumes were very utilitarian. They were functional and not at all fashionable; they served a purpose in being practical for survival. Their clothing also reflected where they stood in society and drab grey colors showed the state of people. Whereas the Capitol fashions were lavish and extravagant. They were wealthy and it was known that they hold the highest place in society. The colors of the garments reflect that and their costumes were meant to stand out.

For my final project I plan to take hand dyed silk strips and basket weave them into a bra. I enjoyed Essie’s costumes and the circular accessories she had. The colors of her wardrobe were vibrant and expensive. The bra will be somewhat cone shaped. In terms of survival everyone needs clothes for protection and when materials are scarce you protect vital parts of the body. It is also helpful in terms of performance. By supporting a woman’s breasts they’re more coordinated and it’s easier to engage in survivalist activities.


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  1. madeatcsula

    think again!

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