Alter Ego

For my alter ego I’ve decided to dress like a pin-up girl. Growing up I’d watch I Love Lucy religiously and constantly watched old films. I admired the way Lucille Ball carried herself. I admired the strength found in characters played by Lauren Bacall, Ava Gardner, Barbara Stanwyck, and Veronica Lake. I wanted to be these women. I didn’t want to look like them, but rather Have their characteristics and personalities. I wanted to be witty, strong, mysterious, and exude an amazing amount of confidence. I didn’t want to be the quiet kid who observed everyone else. So for my alter ego I plan on being a sort of “sex goddess” and being a confident out going person. I don’t want to dress like a legit pin up, but take inspiration from that look and accentuate my curves, and boobs, as well as wear more makeup and do my hair. I’ll wear my alter ego to work, or school and a group of us plan on going to a bar or club and be our alter egos.


One comment

  1. madeatcsula

    sounds good. remember the before and after.

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