Reading 4 Quiz

  1. Does social media influence adolescents to develop their solid identity?  how?  pg. 143-146

Social media has ruined us. I remember being a freshman in high school with a MySpace account and waiting for friends to like like my photos or posts. Then it became Facebook and now Instagram. We’re waiting for that validation from our peers and to be honest, I never really saw the point of it. I feel that to be even more present when I look at my younger cousins who whore themselves out over social media. People beg others for their approval of their clothes, makeup, interests, etc. but what’s the point? Why can’t people just live their lives and be happy? On page 145, Larrain discusses how little girls idolize barbie dolls. They play with them, envision their own selves in this doll and eventually grow up comparing themselves to this doll. I see this happening with social media.

Kids are exposed to social media at such an early age now, they begin to compare themselves to other people who aren’t real. Even at my age I see I see how social media has ruined dating, self image, and esteem. For example, people form this ultra romantic idea of how they’ll find their future mate, they set themselves up with unrealistic expectations and when it falls flat they’re fucked. But all this idealizing begins at a young age. I can say I have some expectations about my life whether it’s romantic or even self image ideas but when it comes down to it, I know who I am and what is real. People need to understand what’s real and social media is far from real. It sets you up for disaster and you can lose yourself in it, and you never find your solid identity unless you’re willing to separate yourself from it.

2.  To uniforms delay the development of solid identity in adolescence?

From the age of five to eighteen, I spent every school day in a uniform. From eighteen to twenty one I spent every work day in a uniform. And I loved it. Looking back I feel it became a type of security blanket, I knew who I was in a uniform and accepted the uniform. Out of the uniforms I struggled with finding my identity through clothing. I experimented with different styles, most of which did not work for me, but I tried. I had some extreme phases through middle and high school but really I was a normal kid trying to figure myself out. And this was a reflection of all my friends, none of us were crazy but we were all figuring it out, where as others went wild. They felt their uniforms constricted their identities and they couldn’t figure out who they were unless they did absolutely wild. I feel that identity formation is all circumstantial. It depends on your environment and your up bringing is a big part of your identity. I was an easy going kid, so I never felt the need to be rebellious. Even today I have a type of uniform and I enjoy it.

3. Why are diets, exercise and fashion and cosmetics not enough today?  pg.151

These things have never been enough. On page 150, Larrain argues for today and why today it is important. But what comes to mind is that these things are always looked at. Egyptians wore makeup to accentuate their beauty and only the elite wore makeup, they had the top physiques and wore the finest clothing and jewels.

This was the same with Europeans, Aztecs, and most society known to man. The only difference now it that it’s become accessible. We see it everywhere and we can’t escape it. Celebrities are plastered everywhere we look and looking like them has been engrained into our ideas of beauty. And because of advances in science and technology it’s possible to look like celebrities and public figures. So it’s not that it is not enough, it just inescapable and we buy into it.


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