Dressing Journal Day 1: Nov. 1




Today I wore a light brown sweatshirt with my army jacket and jeans. I had errands to run in the morning, then I was going to pick up my niece from school, take her to lunch, visit my grandmother and then go to my younger brother’s football game. I decided to wear this because I have worn it before and knowing what I had to do today, I figured I’d be comfortable and not have to worry about my clothes. My clothes made me feel good and confident because I liked what I was wearing. I did receive one comment, it was from my dad. He said I was “going commando.”

I thought about communication and what was my message I was trying to send with my clothes. I knew what I wore today was to serve a purpose, generally that is how I dress. For the most part I see my dress as a utility, and I hope that is the message that comes across to people.


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