Reflection #3 Definitions

Armoured- Guarded. Protected by an outer force. Having a strong exterior.

Comfortable- Causing no pain or affliction. The feeling of being at ease. Having no restrictions.

Conformist- Agreeing to a general consensus. Following the social norms. Unknowingly accepting the views of others.

Pretentious- Concerning yourself with with things beyond you. Being showy, trying to impress others. Trying to impress others through what you know.

Fashion Film

Tight- Constricting movement. Pulled. Having no slack. 

Measured- Calculated. Meticulous. Exact. Precise.

Essential- What is needed. Far from excess. Necessity.

Plain- Indifferent to the surroundings. Available for change. Bland, lacking ornamentation.

Fashionable- Being of the latest fashions. Current. In vogue.

Loose- Little limitation or restriction. Drowning. Comfortable. 

Creased- Rigid. Sharp. A line left by a fold.


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