Reflection 1

  1. In your social group, what are the structural norms for dressing?  How are these norms embodied?  If you were going to change the norms in your group how would you do so?

Being that for the most part, all of us spend most of our time on campus the norms for dressing are quite apparent. Typically you’d see most students walking around in jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and tenny shoes. And honestly I think it’s beyond stupid to wear high heels across campus, especially when it’s difficult to walk in heels. Most students dress for comfort.

Sadly, relevant.

As far as my social group, we all have our own taste and styles which differ, but the norm is that none of us really follow trends. I am not concerned with being trendy or current, I believe for the most part clothing should serve a purpose and be presentable but it is not at all about preening. The reading talks about clothes serving a purpose in a certain contexts. This is true its common knowledge you should look and dress a specific way for a specific setting. A student wouldn’t wear a clubbing outfit to class, it’s weird and not appropriate. These social norms we have are hard to change but if they were to be changed then it would be small gradual changes to different styles and different rules.

2. In what social situation were you embarrassed because of something you wore?  How did this situation affect future choices?

Recently I had a bad spider bite on my thigh. So bad that I could not wear pants. I had run out of clean dresses and skirts, except for a chambray circle skirt that I reluctantly wore. I thought it would be okay to wear that at my internship, figuring it would be an easy day in the studio. But instead we had a busy day of running around Downtown. If I wasn’t already aware of myself, I had become extremely aware of myself. Every movement was cautious and nerve racking. By the end of the day I had lost track of the times strangers had seen my ass because of the wind kicking up.

At least she had some cute undies.

It was an annoying and painful day to say the least. Similar to the section of the reading where Eco talks about his experience wearing a pair of tight jeans after losing some weight, I was extremely aware of myself. I never wear short skirts and I was definitely out of my comfort zone. Ever stride was careful and every step or gust of wind made me aware of my next movement. Since this experience I have not worn the skirt or anything that short in length. I have also been more aware of how I carry myself and my posture.

3. How do you perceive your body?  Passive or Political?  Please provide an example of why you think it is passive or political.

I have never really thought of my body in the social aspect. My body is not passive entirely, because every action is active. As far as political, I never thought about that either. There are aspects of my body that can be considered political, I tend to wear more masculine clothing which is goes against societal gender norms. This portion of the reading was where I had trouble. How is it that a body can be passive when every action is active? Every action is thought then carried out, even if others are acting upon us, we allow them to. The idea of passivity is troubling.



  1. madeatcsula

    please reference the readings.

  2. madeatcsula

    Sam, I have reviewed your blog, and your work for ART 302 is complete. Thank you for your efforts in this class.

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