Sale Pricing

For the sale we chose Bangladesh as our country of production. The wages in Bangladesh estimate $38 a month – $1.27 a day and $.13 a hour based on a 10 hour work day (WSJ).

Our pricing was calculated as followed:

  • Material – $1.18 a shirt
  • Thread – $.34 a shirt
  • Dotty paper – $2
  • Tags (paper/printing/ribbon/pins) – $5
  • Total hours of labor -16

We estimated that each shirt cost a total of $2.97 but being sold in America it was marked up to $9. By the end of the sale we had lowered our pricing to $6.



  1. Prof Lung

    hi Samantha, you still on for helping me next week? can you email me your cell number 714 615 7706

  2. madeatcsula

    Hi Samantha, I am seeking student assistants for a project Oct 18-19-20 if you are interested please email me

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