Project 2: Tailored Vest

For this project I wanted to create a modern twist on classic. This is my interpretation of a motorcycle style vest. The right side closure has been extended to over the left breast with a zipper closure. This design follows the aesthetics and style in which I appropriate. I have created this vest off of a basic mens pattern in which I have modified.

This project was also inspired by the impeccable tailoring I saw at Casa De La Mariachi in Boyle Heights. As a nod to mariachi culture, I embellished my welt pocket with a floral motif. I have also written a haiku entitled, Mariachi. 

Guitar strings twang

Lost love, strong love, blessed love

Mariachi’s song

Photo on 5-19-13 at 10.29 PM

Embroidery on the exterior welt pocket.

Photo on 5-19-13 at 10.21 PM #2

Interior welt pocket.

Photo on 5-19-13 at 10.13 PM #2 Photo on 5-19-13 at 10.12 PM

I wanted to create a garment that served a purpose. Artful fashion is exquisite but fashion can also be utilitarian. As far as our daily lives go, fashion in our world is about presentation and not preening and I believe my garment has achieved that.

Also, in looking for inspiration for my poem I found this haiku, it’s quite fitting.
Mariachi by Wabi Sabi

south of the border

street musicians serenade

other men’s wives


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  1. and you can carry a Chihuahua in it.

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