Recent Finds

This week I discovered two pretty awesome things.

1. Artist Eugenio Recuenco recreated a few of Picasso’s paintings into fashion. The paintings themselves were made during Picasso’s cubism period and the models of these photographs have been styled to resemble them – especially Picasso’s surreal eyes. You can check out the photos here: Trendland


2. I suppose this can be considered two finds in one… While catching up on daily blog reads I stumbled upon blogger Daisy McNairy. McNairy’s father is designer Mark McNairy, who’s clothing is awesome but he also makes some pretty rad shoes. I’ve basically been obsessed and lusting after a pair of saddle shoes. The names of the shoes are also great, I’d love a pair of brogues named MO MONEY, MO PROBLEMS or WTF?. But I’m really after a pair of saddle shoes named SHOE. and buckle sandals named MANDALS.  Check out his site and store here: Mark McNairy.



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