Favorite Designer

Over the years I have began following a variety of designers and fashions houses. And as my own style and preferences change season after season I find myself always following Rachel Comey.


Rachel Comey is a designer from Connecticut, based in New York. Originally Comey came to New York as an artist but after working with bands like Gogol Bordelo she began her clothing line, which was inspired by the music scene in New York. When the line began in 2001 it menswear only, but as women began buying mens clothing, Comey expanded her brand to womenswear. Slowly she has gained a large following especially in footwear for both sexes.


“I think clothing and music function really similarly. Everyone knows where they were when they heard a certain song, and I think clothing can be just as specific to a time and place.”

Though her seasonal designs and story lines are vastly different, aesthetically her collections are linear. Her pieces are no frills, no fucks given clothing. The women who would wear her clothing know what they’re doing, where they’re going and don’t really care about what anyone else has to say. They’re edgy and sleek yet cozy and at times even cute. Her clothing skims the body and has a masculinity that nods back to her menswear, but still has a feminine edge. Comey’s designs are noticeable and memorable in a cool urban vintage way.  Her clothing is purposeful yet practical and it’s something you could see yourself in.


Her taste and aesthetics is very similar to my own. I enjoy the look of clean lines and structure with a comfort edge to it. It’s like indescribable idea of clean, edgy prep meets lazy, loose grungy coffee shop introvert. All of that is right up my alley.

rachelcomey_016_1366.450x675rachelcomey_002_1366.450x675025fullscreenrachelcomey_007_1366.450x675Rachel-Comey 5008fullscreen

You can find her current work on her site and see her insight on many topics through her weekly vlog posted on her site’s home page.


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