Christophe Josse

Christophe Josse is a French designer who began his couture work at Torrente. There he directed the haute couture branch of the brand. After leaving Torrente in 2005 he debuted his own collection under his own name. He was invited by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture to show his collection and became an invited member. In 2008 he opened his atelier and showroom. And in 2011 he became an official member branding his house as Haute Couture.

Josse not only has the Haute Couture division of his house but also does women’s ready to wear. He gathers inspiration from his background in art history, he also gathers inspiration from various areas such as, English novels and Japanese architecture. Josse creates a story through his designs. These stories are not literal but their emotive and sensual. His work is light and etherial but very modern.

“Perhaps a desire for exaggerated femininity, something very light, the act of composing a slender, somewhat fragile and very subtle silhouette.”

780426_KETS85HANNX3RVVKQ2865EWK54OL7S_josse-hcaw1112-001_H123947_L 828776_RVD3GZRRTQD1CQU71Z626SD652D6KX_josse-hcss12-053_H153808_L Christophe-Josse-Haute-Couture-2013-Fashion-Show-Défilé68833_571120089570709_9574146_n61842_571120092904042_448294139_n18314_566034916745893_192844752_n



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