Final Project: “Thead to Skin”

For this project I decided to embroider tattoos of friends and family. I have always been fascinated by tattoos and the whole thought process behind it. My friends have chosen their tattoos for specific reasons because they hold  certain meaning to them. I was inspired by the fact that tattoos have become a thing of community. People bond over their tattoos because they tell a story.

The application of the thread to fabric by way of the needle is the same as ink to skin. I have presented my work in a binder and each embroidery is in a sheet protector, similar to a tattoo binder. I used black embroidery floss on bone colored broadcloth. The process was similar to tattooing as well. I made a sketch based off of a photograph then transferred it to the material, then began embroidering. The stitches I used included: couching, french knots, backstitching, satin stitch, and a variation of a backstitch.

I am pleased with the outcome of my embroideries. I hit some difficulties mostly within myself. I had to allow myself the time and patience to do this and in the end I had a lot of fun working. I realized towards the end that working had become a stress reliever, it was something I did to clear my head. My intention was to challenge myself with the level of detail I have never done before and I feel like I have achieved that.



One comment

  1. Prof Lung

    Great work, strong embroidery

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