The Fashion of Architecture by Bradley Quinn

In the reading Quinn discusses the relationship between architecture and the fashion industry within the boundaries of art. Reading about how the fashion that was inspired by art nouveau was considered “anti-fashion” was something I’d like to further research because it is the same argument we see today with designers. Originally in the 1920s it was groundbreaking to change the lines of fashion. It was groundbreaking on all fronts from politics to the home.

The “productivist” art form really caught my attention because this is concept overlaps from another class. Recently I learned more about art nouveau and the Bauhaus movement. The idea of architecture and abstract art influencing textile and design is something that never had really been touched on before hand. It was suddenly an art in itself, a story did not need to be told because the story was the object.

All over the world these revolutions were happening Bauhaus in Germany and in Russia Lyubov Popova was just one of many at work. Cubism and other forms of modern art as well as modern architecture was a great influence on fashion. Popova and Cuckold’s theatrical costumes were very different in that they took on new approaches to design and art, taking influence from sculptures.

I have always had an interest in modern art and art deco so this part of the reading really stood out to me and learned something new about design in architecture and fashion.


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