Institute for Figuring/Final Project

This past Saturday, I visited the IFF. After finding parking and quarters for the meter, I began hoofing it down Hill Street. When I arrived at the IFF I was greeted with an explanation of the space as well as concepts of the exhibitions. I began in the back room. Crocheted coral reefs were encased with descriptions of the work. I understood and appreciated the relationship between craft, community, and the environment. I also enjoyed the coral reef that was beaded by Sue Von Ohlson. There is so much attention to detail not only in the coral reef itself but the whole case. The plaque stated that her work was based entirely of off mathematical renderings of hyperbolic space.

The last crocheted work I saw was made from old cassette tape. Christine Wertheim took the tape and added tags of those contributors from satellite reefs around the world.

After viewing this room I headed towards the small black room off of the main area. Inside there was an interactive table where you could add to the spaces work on hyperbolic space.

I don’t believe I came out with a full grasp of what everything meant but I have a general understanding. These artists have taken math and science and created art using craft. Taking not only the literal meaning of the object but projecting multiple meanings.

What stood out to me in the IFF were the coral reefs. They are these organic figures that represent the message of environmental awareness as well as community in that many people have joined together to work on this project. This idea reminded me of tattoos. It was once a thing of unity in tribes has now become a way of expression. Tattooing has become a thing of community by sharing the way in which you brand yourself. Taking inspiration from those around me I have decided to embroider my friends tattoos. I plan to at least 5 and as far as displaying them I hope to either frame them like portraits, or place them in a binder like a tattoo shop would have.



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