Response to Sewing Notions

The reading was interesting in that it discusses the idea of “crafting.” Its main point revolves around politics. The piece criticizes gender roles in how it has been historically a women’s task. It also discusses the role of laborers in the craft/fashion industry. What I found most interesting is towards the end. The discussion focuses on the mass production of goods and an example of this was the Shopdropping Project, where a group of people reproduced Walmart goods and placed them on racks to be sold like the rest. This carries onto the explanation of something which is known to be conservative and how leftist-activits have taken it to extremes that display their message.

Capitalism becomes the focus at this point and I was hard focused on this portion of the article. Bryan-Wilson describes what she calls “advanced capitalism” found in groups that sell their homemade goods, including the shopping site Etsy. These exchanges of craft good seems to come off as being negative. That the meaning behind crafts is lost and it’s sole purpose is to be kitschy and produce profit. I see crafting as a personal thing it doesn’t matter what their ulterior motive is, it is a form of making money.



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  1. Prof Lung

    what was the title of the article?

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