Balance: Symmetry/Asymmetry

This project began off simple enough. Measuring series of lines to create triangles and squares that resulted in 3D objects.


When I sought out to recreate other objects I found it much more difficult. The first problem was the fact I was using wax paper. It was flimsy and unwilling to work with me. After being frustrated and annoyed I decided to use regular printer paper. I decided to keep my original idea of building my glasses case. Simple in though, difficult in execution. It was one piece of paper with curved edges. But after some time working with it and a few adjustments, it worked!



The second object I made was a nail polish bottle. It was much easier than the eye glass case because it was made out of a bunch of uniform pieces that had exact measurements.

I was satisfied with the end results. After having to think about something going from 2D to 3D I understand more how things are constructed.



One comment

  1. Prof Lung

    A very detailed post. the blue tape adds an interesting form, however the over shape is lost with the use of that tape.

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