-What is your favorite color and why?

Blood red, it’s a color that is both feminine and masculine. 

-What store do you like to shop in and why?

I enjoy shopping at Madewell, Zara, and Opening Ceremony. They all offer sever styles of clothing, but I find their aesthetics pleasing, although I have never bought clothing from any of these shops.

-What music to you like and why?

I’ve always liked listening to different types of music, it’s rare I listen to mainstream, top 40. I constantly listen to the Talking Heads, Girls, Descendants, and Twin Shadow, but recently I’ve been really into Grimes. I like this music because it has something to say not only within the lyrics but also the music itself.

-Who is your favorite Fashion Designer and why?

I like Rachel Comey’s work a lot. She’s got a great pieces that are clean and simple.

-What Brands do you follow? Why?

I follow Acne, J. Crew, and Gap. The styles and the aesthetics of the clothing are what I am drawn to. There’s a function and purpose to the clothing that translates well throughout the year and I am all about functionality and practicality. I also like mens wear with a feminine edge to it.

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